Can we leave our distressed planet as a burden for our children, grandchildren and future generations to resolve? 


Our Mission

Peace Publications is an independent publisher dedicated to publishing voices committed to environmental protection, spirituality, and peace.

Our Titles

The Paradise Project


Planet Earth was once a paradise. Then, humans arrived…

Today, all Earth’s inhabitants are stressed and humanity is losing its values. Given the dire state, can we do anything to improve global quality of life? To make Earth a paradise?

Yes, we can! The Paradise Project guides us through the steps to enable success at personal as well as at the community level.

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Jainism and the New Spirituality

Jainism and the New Spirituality is an exploration of Jainism, an ancient and relatively little-known faith that is surprisingly relevant for the 21st century. Dr.Parikh explains Jainism and links it to the newly emerging universal spirituality. He suggests that an understanding of new spirituality is essential to deal with current global issues.

Jainism and the New Spirituality offers explanations and assists it’s readers in redefining spirituality for themselves and their communities. The text is valuable reading on spiritual values, world religions, the multi-faith movement, peace, ecology and social justice. JAINA awarded the book its prestigious "Exceptional Contribution Towards the Promotion of Jainism" award at its 2003 Biennial Convention in Cincinnati.

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Walk With Me


Walk With Me is the story of an enlightened man, Mahavir, the last Tirthankara of Jainism, who challenged an oppressive caste system, uplifted the status of women in society, and saved millions of animals from cruel, sacrificial slaughter. His was the first peace movement, the first environmental movement, the first movement for social justice, and the first movement to recognize the dignity and equality of every living being. His is a story of transformation, one that continues to inspire all who hear it.

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About the Author

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Peace Publications was founded in 2002 by Dr. Vastupal Parikh, Ph.D.

Born in India to a Jain family, Vastupal Parikh migrated to Canada and obtained his Doctorate in Chemistry at Queen's University, Kingston. As a professor and scientist in Canada, he wrote several chemistry texts and earned a reputation as an author who could explain the most complex topics in a simple and easily understood style.

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